Easy Solutions If Your Washer Is Not Draining

Easy Solutions If Your Washer Is Not Draining

Washer Wont Drain Spokane Appliance RepairOne of the most important home appliances is your washer and dryer. While a washer can work for years without fail, there are some common issues that face owners on a regular basis. One issue that is commonly faced is that the washer is not draining properly after the wash cycle is complete and water is left standing in the machine. Luckily, if your washer is not draining, there are several simple solutions that you could follow to fix the problem.

If your washer doesn’t drain the first thing you should do is check that the latch is working appropriately. To do this, try opening and closing the door of the washer. When closing it you should hear a quiet clicking sound, or some newer washers may even have a light showing that the door is closed. If you don’t hear the click, or the light doesn’t turn on, the latch could be broken. This is a simple issue to fix, but you will have to either call the manufacturer or hire an appliance repair technician in Spokane, who can get the latch and install it for you.

If the latch appears to be working fine, another issue could be with the drainage pipe. To check the drainage pipe, you will have to pull the washer away from the wall and then detach the pipe. Bring out a large bucket and have the pipe run into the bucket while the washer is running. If water is not coming out, or is coming out too slowly, it is likely due to a clog in the pipe. Normally the most common clog is due to hair in the piping. Most washers have a filter system and either the filter is clogged or the hair has by-passed the filter and gathered in the drainage pipe. If you determine the clog is due to hair or other debris, then you should be able to easily remove the clog with a wire hanger.

If your washer is not draining and you have already checked the latch and drainage pipe, the issue could be more serious. One issue is that the washer is not recognizing that the wash cycle is complete and it is time to drain. This issue could be due to the clock inside the washer or due to the something in the display. Most likely, to have this fixed, you will need to call the manufacturer (if your appliance is still under warranty), or you can call an appliance repair tech in Spokane who can fix the issue for you. Sometimes its better to fix the washer, than it is to buy an brand new appliance. If your washer is old, then maybe its time to get a new one?

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