Stove Repair In Spokane

Stove Repair In Spokane

Are you looking for stove repair in the Spokane area? We work on most brands of stoves, ovens, ranges and cooktops. We work on both electric and gas.

Whirlpool Stove in SpokaneIf you are experiencing issues with your stove we can get it back up and working again. Don’t let your broken appliance ruin your day, give us a call because we can probably fit you in for a same-day repair.

Why Choose Us For Your Stove Repair?

  • We can fix stoves, ovens, ranges and cooktops.
  • We have been repairing appliances for many years and can let you know what actually happened to your appliance.
  • Most of our repairs happen within 24-36 hours after you give us a call. In most cases we can fit you in the same-day.
  • We are licensed and insured.

Whether you need stove repair or are in the market of a new stove, we can help you. When it comes to appliances, we are your trusted opinion and can offer fast and quick local repair services. Many people call to ask for our opinions because we have been working on stoves, cooktops, ovens and ranges for many years. We know these units, we have seen almost every make and model. We also know what breaks the most on each type of stove.

We recently helped a customer fix their cooktop because the heating element wasn’t working. The rest of the burners were working except the biggest burner. We were able to get that burner working within 20 minutes and that whirlpool stove is now working like new.

We are local to Spokane, so if you are looking for an “appliance repair tech near me“, we will be able to help you quickly. If you have an appliance emergency be sure to let us know.

If you have an oven that won’t turn on, won’t stay hot or the door won’t close completely we can help you out! Some repairs can be done on the stop while others may require that we order parts from a part store or directly from the manufacture of the appliance.

Give us a call today – (509) 774-3966